Welcome to Church Unlimited

We hope you enjoy your online experience with us and catch a little glimpse of what this church is all about.  No matter who you are or what stage of life you are in, we want you to know that YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!  Click on any of the tabs above to find out more about who we are, what we believe, and the ministries and mission of our church.

Service Times

Sundays through October 1, 9 & 11 AM

Beginning October 8, Sundays, 9:15 & 11 AM


Here is what we want the world to know:

God is not mad at you. He's madly IN LOVE with you!

God is ONLY good!


CONNECT Relationally.
We believe that strong relationships take you further in life. Our "Circles" (small groups) meet throughout the year, offering you the perfect environment to create lasting friendships.

GROW Spiritually.
Healthy things grow. As your body grows from childhood to adulthood, so our spirits were designed to grow and mature. Our weekend experience is central to fulfilling this element.
SERVE Purposefully.
The greatest love in the world is demonstrated when you serve. Jesus showed us this way, and we believe it’s a key to a truly fulfilled life. Our "Crews" (volunteer teams) offer you the chance to serve your community.

Core Values

  • God is ONLY good!

There is no other option. Keep the equation simple. God = Good.

  • Hospital. Not Courthouse.

Our church is a place to find Healing. Not Judgment.

  • Behavior follows Identity.

Before changing WHAT you do, God wants to change WHO you are. 

  • Relationship over Rules.

Rules without Relationship always lead to Rebellion. Earn the right to speak into someone's heart.

  • Reach the Red X.

This is our church-wide strategy to reach the hurting each week. All of our Crew Members are on the lookout for that 1 lost person that needs a touch from heaven.